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Tube Exits App for iPhone and iPod Touch

The essential iPhone App for Londoners to save time and beat the crowds.

London, 16 June 2009 - With the launch of the Tube Exits iPhone application today, Londoners can now save valuable time on the London Underground by always boarding the right carriage to arrive directly opposite the platform exit they need at their arrival or interchange station.

Created by Lance Stewart, who spent days travelling on all 11 London Underground lines visiting all 268 stations to work out the fastest exits, Tube Exits gives savvy Londoners the inside track on how to be one-step ahead of their fellow commuters. Using the app ensures a speedy exit off the Tube, saving up to 10 minutes per journey during peak hour travel; no more delays following crowds and walking the length of the platform.

Tube Exits creator Lance Stewart said “I found it frustrating arriving at a station and being at the wrong end of the platform behind the crowds, but loved it when the train would arrive perfectly adjacent to the exit I was looking for. I thought this doesn’t need to be put down to chance any longer so created Tube Exits to help solve this problem. And yes, I did go to every station, most in-fact twice!” (Continues...)

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